Problems in Employee Engagement translate very quickly into problems in profitability. Mike McEwan Ltd has a Tool Set with a variety of tools and techniques, to use individually or in a specific combination, to provide a tailored solution to boost Employee Engagement quickly and efficiently. Past experience has seen 8-10% improvements in annual employee opinion survey (scores in 77-80% favourable range, while the benchmark remained static) including instances of 100% satisfied response.

Examples of the tools are:

Vision Capture Method

a briskly-paced conversion of a high-level vision into specific leadership objectives, turning a blank sheet into a concrete statement in 90 minutes

Getting the Balance Right

a method for making a step change in employee satisfaction in Work/Life Balance inside an hour

The Tribal Lesson

a fresh approach to Team Bonding, with the outcome that individuals have the ability to establish strong bonds quickly in new teams, through a carefully orchestrated fusion of the Olympic combat sport of Fencing along with Anchoring and other techniques. If you want to take Employee Engagement to a new level, you can either go straight to book The Tribal Lesson, or find out more about The Tribal Lesson.

If Employee Engagement is a problem you want to address, you can either go straight to email or find to more about Mike McEwan Ltd.