The Tribal Lesson triggers the “fight or flight” instinct, then evokes the sensation of fighting for their tribe. The trainers reinforce positive, supportive team behaviour to create a strong emotional state associated with being a high-performing team player, then use Anchoring techniques to capture that state and associate it with a trigger. Participants can subsequently fire this, to bring them back into this state when in a new team. When doing this, they replay the behaviour of a high-performing team player, boosting their own and their team's performance.

The activity is outlined in the Team Bonding Description (PDF).


Some of the words used to describe The Tribal Lesson by participants:

  • "Fun"
  • "Challenging"
  • "Adrenaline"
  • "Enlightening"
  • "Buzz"
  • "Exhilarating"

More Information

More information on the lesson can be found in the White Paper (PDF) and the Integral Leadership Review article The Tribal Lesson: A New Route to Effective Teamwork.

Example Sessions

Next Step

If you want this experience for your team, the next step is to book The Tribal Lesson.